Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Dear Jesus

Dear Jesus, I write to check on You
I have changed so much since I met You
I am so thrilled and so happy I am all yours
To think You care about my life and its course

Dear Jesus, I write to tell you I love you
I wonder how I ever lived without You
I am so grateful we are now friends
To know our fellowship will never end

Dear Jesus, I write to tell you about my problems
I remember You promised You will handle them
I will do just as You commanded me to
I will not worry, I will wait and trust in You

Dear Jesus, I write to tell You about my aspirations
I know you can use every event, every situation
I refuse to be anxious or afraid of tomorrow
Because your blessing is followed by no sorrow

Dear Jesus, I write to tell you I miss you
I long for that day I will forever be with You
What a privilege it will be to exalt your majesty
What an honour it will be to contemplate your beauty

Dear Jesus, I write to thank you
For the open doors, the breakthroughs
For the tears, for the secrets we share
For the promises, for your love and care

Nida Massala 09/09/08

1 comment:

  1. Dear Jesus, I thank you for Pearl's life, I pray that you continue to work in her and in me for your glory.... transforming us to your image, more and more each day! We love u Lord